Our Ocean, Our Planet

What’s so special about the ocean? Why is it so important?

I can understand why people might ask these questions, the underwater garden isn’t well integrated within education systems around the globe, and unless you lived close to the big blue it’s not exactly on your radar.

In a world where we are overwhelmed by everything and anything on a screen, it’s hard to prioritise the important aspects of what holds society together. Our oceans provide half of the oxygen we breathe, it regulates our climate, it provides a food source and for many people, it is a place of fun and tranquillity.

Within my short lifetime, I have seen attitudes change, most drastically in the last 5 years or so. People are reducing their plastic, conservation is receiving more funding than ever before and society is becoming more eco-conscious which is a great step forward! However, I believe this is just the starting point, we need to work on our carbon emissions, subsequent deforestation and domino effects on our oceans, so for a place that covers over 70% of the Earth, I know we need to do more to protect our planet.

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