Hi, I’m Kelly.

I started this blog in my final year of university, with the intention of saving the oceans. As life does, I travelled down various paths along the way, met some incredible people and now work as a marine environmental consultant, working to mitigate our effects on the marine environment.

Growing up diving, I’ve seen significant environmental shifts in my lifetime. My intention is to write about subjects and areas of conservation that are very topical today, and create content that will educate myself, but also grow a community of conscious people.

This is a space to debate, discuss and share stories and topics important to our planet and our way of life. I hope this blog provides something for everyone, whether you’re an expert, already environmentally conscious or a curious wanderer and complete beginner in the field of ocean conservation and sustainable living.

They say you only care about what you understand, from what you are taught, and that’s my goal here; for you to care as much as I do.